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Kink Media Group produces projects by and for Black folks, queer and trans people and sex workers. From podcasts to networking, tutorials and more, we got you covered. Content drops ,monthly across your favorite podcast platforms, Youtube and Onlyfans.

Meet the Executive Producer


Raquel Savage is a Black, queer, therapist and sex worker. Upon realizing there are so few spaces for Black, queer and sex working creators, Raquel Savage made Kink Media Group to support projects for and by us.

Meet the Team Mel_edited_edited.jpg

Mel Trujillo
Communications Director

Mel is a first generation Mexican-American. Their passion for this work comes from lived experience as a non-binary bisexual person of color, survivor of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) and a sexual assault survivor (SAS) maneuvering through the world. Their internal fire fuels their desire to create & be of service to liberation. Mel serves as the Communications Director and Network Manager for Kink Media Group.


Kosi Victor
Creative Director

Kosi Victor, born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Miami, FL has spent the better half of his life bringing ideas to life through film and video. After partnering with Raquel Savage for an experimental and highly informative social project, Discourse, Victor remained part of the Kink Media team as an editor where he leverages his years of independent production experience to once again connect viewers to fun content, fresh perspectives, and amazing stories. Kosi serves as the Creative Director for Kink Media group.

Kadisha W..jpeg

Kadisha Willock
Graphic Designer

Ms. Kadisha Willock finds freedom in a comfortable “no judgment zone” when she dives into the craft that she is passionate about. Ms. Willock, in efforts to not only build her academic foundation, remains open and current on her industry knowledge. With a passion to create, her aim is to bring awareness to the swiftly growing creative mecca of the British Virgin Islands while leaving her mark along the way. Kisha served as a graphic designer for Kink Media Group.


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